"I play everything...
except ‘Lady of Spain’ and Metallica."

New Book "The Great Morgani: The Creative Madness of a Middle-Aged Stockbroker Turned Street Musician" available at Bookshop Santa Cruz

The Great Morgani

A Musical Entertainer for Corporate Events, Parties, Grand Openings, Festivals and Special Events Where You Seek to Dazzle and Amaze Your Guests

The Great Morgani is a one man show. He arrives in costume and, being a self contained acoustic show, requires no special staging, amplification or electricity. His costumes are all hand crafted and cover him from the feet to the top of the head, as well as the accordion itself. He performs on a compact portable stage. The stage is carefully crafted to match the costume and raises him about one and a half feet about the floor...so everyone gets a good view

Repertoire includes:

Over 1,000 Songs

Over 50 Different Costumes

Friendly and Humorous Banter

Family Friendly - Suitable for Children as Young as 18 Months

For Bookings: (831) 423-3800

Email: thegreatmorgani@hotmail.com

PO Box 1176
Santa Cruz, CA 95061


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